Polyester Round Slings

  • Care and Use
    1. Slings have a lifespan from date of manufacture of 10 years.
    2. Check Australian Standard AS 4497.1 for use and inspection guidelines.
    3. Never overload the equipment.
    4. Do not use if ID tag is removed.
    5. Inspect sling for damage prior to use.
    6. Do not use sling if there is any sign of cut webbing, snagging, heat or chemical damage, excessive wear, damaged seams, any other defect or presence of grit, abrasive materials or other deleterious matter.
    7. Do not tie knots in sling webbing.
    8. Protect sling webbing from sharp edges of load. Use protective sleeves.
    9. Do not expose slings to temperatures above 90°C.
    10. Do not allow abrasive or other damaging grit to penetrate the fibres.
    11. Consult with manufacturer’s recommendations before immersing a sling in a chemical solution.
    12. Keep away from strong alkalis and phenolic compounds.
  • Norms
    -According to Australian Standard AS 4497.1
    -Safety Factor: 7:1

    Technical specifications 
    - Capacity Stripes; Each Stripe Is Equal To 1 Tonne Capacity.

    See below table for technical specifications :